Friday, November 4, 2011

"UNCANNY'ED" Picture of the Day: Aiden

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!!!!

So confession: I have the hardest time commiting to certain things. I'm not bragging--I'm quite ashamed of it; but admission of flaws is the first step to being cured.....

I have not taken pictures in a LONG time--for several reasons, but I ended up seeing a friend of mine at a store one day and she asked me take some photographs of her son. I agreed, not really thinking about the fact that Aiden wasn't even a year old yet! I had NEVER photographed a baby. This was definitely going to be a challenge!!

Aiden totally was NOT amused! LOL! He was mad at me, his mom, the world....but this kid was SOOOOOO cute! His eyes were mesmerizing, his pouty faces were heart-warming, and I just wanted kiss all over him! I really had a good time photographing Aiden AND I got to catch up with a friend in the process!

Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I do!!

Aiden is looking at me saying "..and who are you?" LOL!

"No seriously, who are you?"

This is about the time when I think Aiden was getting annoyed! LOL! But on another note, how cute is his sweater?!?

Now, I LOVE this picture. Isn't he just too cool?!?

The face is priceless! Ha!

GAP baby ad, perhaps?

He gave me a little smile here!

I absolutely LOVED this little guy!

Looking forward to December--I'm shooting Aiden and his big sister Cayli! Now THAT's going to be a treat!

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